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Objects of interests, especially, when combined with a success story, are a very suitable vehicle for promotion.

Imagine an opening Reception. The murmur of low - woice conversations. Dozens of people with sleek glasses of champaign in their hands. And suddenly with an engine roar, Honda takes the stage. Its owner, in the mode of the best inspirationals speakers,  talks about his hardships but also his passion, through which he created an extraordinary car. This combination of the automotive show in a nutshell and a short lecture inspiring listeners to do a step forward in life, something that will add a deeper meaning to every receptoin.

If you are looking for an event connecting the mechanic, and the inspirational - I might have something just right for you.


Or imagine a small festival organized with some cool occasion. Honda is one of the attractions. You can touch it, ride with the owner, feel the power of the engine, see for yourself finishing details, look under the hood.


Ideas for the use of such cars (and even the owner) to promote, can be many. I built the Honda for myself, but a great pleasure for me is to share my work with people. Already I see the interest in the car. People stop me, asking about the details, they would like a ride.


I decided to share Honda at such various occasions.