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About me

Love for the automotive industry has been with me since I was a child. My parents  bought me some toys, when I was young, but I always chose only those associated with the automotive industry. So good love to the four wheels was born in me when I was seven, maybe eight years old when he still lived with his parents in the countryside. Starting from mopeds, ending with the combine - everything was curious. Tractors and especially Ursus, I could carry on alone. Also operate excavators and most agricultural machinery. Of course, I also had resoraki, posters of cars, pictures of gum and newspapers turbo car.

The first car that I bought this Honda CRX 1987, the first edition 1.6i-16V DOHC 125 hp, which held some time in the garage. I transformed it in every free moment working abroad. The second car is purchased astra 1.8 petrol. Then the work I bought a Ford Courier 1.8 D, and then the beautiful Mazda 323F 1.8 GLX 16V 1997 did not stop there. The next car was a Mercedes V-Class, 2002. 2.2 CDI, which he rebuilt it almost from scratch. And then I had a beautiful VW Passat 1.8 Turbo, 200-horsepower, which had already undergone transformation in Germany. He also spent a lot of time and work.

Then it's time to sell the Honda-generation 1 and generation 2-purchase, which is always timeless. I bought it from a good friend who has rebuilt this car to a fantastic condition, working on it for a few years. The rest of me is I took and continue my dream.

These cars, like my Honda, no longer produces. Honda is a true sports car. In the 80s the Japanese automotive wanted to build something that was supposed to be a terror on the streets, but it did not look supersportowo. This small, inconspicuous car that their performance in those years - and today - maybe more than one surprise. With full satisfaction I can say that Honda CRX is a cult car.

Nowadays you can really play with the same passion. I always money to be missed. You can as an explicit and an explicit, and still something to be done. I do not want to reveal how much I spent on the Honda, but tell that many a new car from the top shelf could be for it to buy. How will I sell it the price will be published.

Why just Honda? When I landed in an orphanage, often after dinner I asked caregivers about a half-hour walk. And at that time I saw the car. I saw a Honda CRX that really captivated me and I decided to buy this when I'm an adult.

Sport, especially football is my second great passion. FC Barcelona is my favorite. Some time ago I sent an email to the club, request permission to place the logo and colors of t-shirts in the middle of the car. It is a project which commissioned one of the prestigious companies in Poland - Carlex Design Europe. Designers designed a beautiful design live up to my expectations, but now is just wait patiently for a response from the club.

Dream? Just to get permission to place the official logo of FC Barcelona in my car. I wanted at this point to appeal to other car enthusiasts to not paying attention to how much the car costs - has a passion, a passion for motoring.