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Passion is a mixture of hard work and perseverance aimed at achieving the objective.


What is my goal: A car that I can be proud of! But it is something more. This car is a symbol of the success of persistence. Most people buy a car, watching as the car gets older. They think that it is inevitable to buy a new one. But if you care about your vehicle, provide it with the necessary parts and service it regularly - this car can be not only very efficient, but also arouse admiration.

Did you know that most of the airplanes that fly over our heads, are constructions much older than we think? The plane, even fifteen years old is in the best shape, while a fifteen years old auto mostly a picture of misery and despair. Why is this happening?

Because in the world of aviation, where damage can translate into a major disaster, every review, ABSOLUTELY MUST be made, each part must be replaced when the time comes. In cars this does not happen, and therefore they age faster.

My Honda is proof that if we will do our effort and money, our car can become independent of the passage of time and all the time to attract the eyes not only of a handful of enthusiasts, but virtually everyone.

And mainly the casr can seve us for years!